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What happened to my sheets?

One luxury I enjoy is really soft sheets. They’re not always the most expensive, in fact the highest thread count is not always the softest sheet. I used to get Wamsutta Elite Sateen but they don’t make them any more. These were like sleeping on a cloud of fluffy whipped cream. Luckily, I had bought three sets before they stopped making them and figured they would  last for years. Imagine my horror when a few weeks ago, we discovered a tear in the bottom sheet.  This was not a tiny tear – it was two feet long!  This can’t be – it’s my Elite Sateen! But the sheets were old so I accepted that it was wear & tear and sewed it back together. The next time, the same sheet came up ripped again, this time in shreds. I decided that you can’t sew a sheet back together and threw it away. (actually, I cut it up into cleaning rags).

So, on to the next set of Wamsutta’s.  After two nights on the bed, this bottom sheet was torn too – multiple times. Two sheets in shreds?!  An investigation was in order. First of all, both the tears happened on HIS side of the bed so without placing blame, I asked Denis how he thinks this could have happened.  He reminded me the sheets were old and his skin is rougher and these things happen. Then I slowly glanced down at his bare feet. The nail on his big toe was so long, if he sat on the roof and stuck out his foot, that toe could shade the entire patio on a sunny day!

“You could slice a ham with that toe nail,” I said. “That’s what happened to the sheets!”  He refused to believe his toe nail was responsible, but I know different. If the last Wamsutta Elite gets destroyed, I’m buying him an industrial nail file, or maybe an electric sander.

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  1. Sandy says:

    If anyone can replace the wamsutta elite sateen sheets please let me know I have tried so many that are “SATEEN” isheets but no comparisson to WAMSUTTA ELITE SAATEEN

  2. Jenny says:

    I have not been able to find a comparable set of sheets to my old Wamsutta Elite Sateen’s. I bought some Hudson Park at Bloomingdale’s and they were better than most but not soft enough. I did learn something, though. I was told that cotton has tiny little (practically invisible) fibers that stand up and if you iron the sheets, you will flatten those fibers and the sheets will be softer. I tried it and it does make a difference. So now I’m using ironed Hudson Park, but without ironing, I can’t sleep on them.

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Jenny: I just ran across your post about sateen sheets, so I thought I’d respond. At the risk of being sales pitchy (I work for Cuddledown), we offer what I think anyway, are the softest sateen sheets anywhere! They’re 400 thread count, made with fine, long-staple cotton and I’ve never slept on anything smoother. They are pricey compared to some, but well worth it in comfort. I’m told they last well too – not sure about snaggly hubby toenails though?! I’ve only had mine for 2 years, so don’t know yet how they’ll wear long-term. Family and friends I’ve gifted with them, love them, and our customers totally love them too.

    • Stacey Saladyga says:

      So, it’s not just me! I bought my first and only Elite Sateen sheets way back in 2001 as a birthday gift to myself. I was turning mid-thirtysomething and felt I deserved a thread count over 200 at that point in my life, so I found a set on sale for $60.00, which was a huge splurge for a working single mom in the D.C. area. I was now Queen of my sleeping universe and I made a solemn oath to never go back to anything below 500.
      Now, 13 years later I still cannot relinquish the bits that are left of that set, such as the lone pillowcase that is coming apart at the seams and the flat sheet that is actually used as a playing surface for my sons Legoes. Is that a sacrilege?
      That set was a queen size and I now own a king bed, so of course I struck out to find a replacement set for the bigger bed and to my great dismay I cannot find anything that comes close. Thanks a lot, Wamsutta, for creating the addiction only to withdraw my one and only fix. If you find a worthy substitute, please share with the world. The only story that is worse than mine is, indeed, the toenail one.

  3. Tish says:

    Did you ever find a replacement? I’m in this situation now. I love my Wamsutta Elite Sateen Sheets and I want to get another one.


  4. Jeremy says:

    Did you ever have any luck finding a decent replacement? My last set of elites finally died this weekend after 15 years or blissfull sleep. Argh.

    • Jenny says:

      I wish… But I did not find a comparable replacement. I think Sfrerra Brothers would work but they cost as much as a used car!

  5. sue says:

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    • Rhonda says:

      Very nicely put into words about Vick, Sue. I’m glad Alanta got rid of him 🙂
      I do not like him for the same reason you just stated. Really cruel what he did. Those dogs didn’t deserve the torture Vick committed. Horrible!!!…
      We went out for dinner tonight, “Sports Bar”. They had the Falcons game on and it sucked. We didn’t even stay for the 4th quarter because the score in the 3rd
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      Don’t know what the score ended up being. I was a bit frustrated at the time and still am a little but I’m sure Atlanta lost. Green Bay is a tough team…

      • sue says:

        thanks Rhonda!

      • sue says:

        I’m sorry that your team lost. But you would have been proud of Green Bay last weekend when they beat the Philadelphia Eagles!! Michael Vick shot his mouth off about the first time that Green Bay beat them, he said, “We would have won the game if I were playing the whole game.” Well look who played the whole game last weekend and look who lost!!!! Me and Mike were laughing so hard and so happy to say goodbye to the Eagles!! I really respect the Atlanta Falcons for getting rid of Vick for what he did and made him pay back the 40 million dollars to the team. They wanted nothing to do with him and said they would never take him back. So I’m sorry that the Falcons lost. Take care and I’m glad that you share the same opinion of the dog killer that we do and so many others!!!
        Have a great day sista!!


        • Rhonda says:

          It’s okay, Sue. I’m over it 🙂
          Falcons played really well this year, but now they are playing tougher teams here at the end of the season. I’ve been watching football since I was a teen with my dad and I still enjoy it. I watch baseball too, but football is my favorite sport to watch…
          Hope Vick felt like an idiot by saying what he said. Played the whole game and lost…lol…funny! After Vick left Atlanta. I was hoping nobody in the NFL would want him but you see someboby wanted him. In my opinion, he’s no good for anybody. He will never be the star he set himself out to being when he first started playing football. My opinion of course 🙂

          Take care,

  6. sister dearest says:

    They should his and hers sides, yours soft, thin and comfy, and his out of chain-mail.

  7. sue says:

    How about some thick socks guys? Cover those badboys up! For the love of God, save our sheets!!!


  8. Anna Cherry says:

    Not too long ago my guy was walking fast across the room with a coffee mug. He spilled some on my bare foot, the floor and the cat. I brought it to his attention. He denied it and went on his merry way.

    It’s just like a man to deny his toe nail ripped the sheets. Steve and Denis would get along great.

  9. Will says:

    OMG! I did this to some sheets recently too. Except that it was my rough, dry heels that caused the tear and it was over a longer period of time. I kept looking at the sheets wondering why they get so worn out in that area.
    Why are we men so neglectful of our feet? I’ve started the scraping process every couple of days after my shower.
    Maybe it’s time for couples pedicures, that way you always know he is keeping them up.

  10. MrsNews says:

    I am with Becky on this one!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

  11. Joe M says:

    Hey Jenny I had to write and just suggest something. You said you were no longer able to find the Elite Sateen I just wanted to make a great suggestion. I used to work for TJ Maxx and we carried that all the time, even after its not available in regular stores (sometimes it takes a while to reach our stores). Just a thought to check out. You don’t have to even run all over just give the store a call.

  12. Rhonda says:

    Jenny, I would have Denis get a trim if I were you or the 3rd set of sheets are gonna be gonners…
    Fingernails and toe nails can be sharp as razors if not trimmed up. Glad you figured out what was tearing your sheets…
    Come on Denis don’t ruin Jenny’s favorite sheets with razor sharp toe nails 🙂

    Take care,

  13. Becky says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! LOL!

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